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This is a simple snapshot of weekly ratings so our readers can understand what the shows are competing against on a given night, how the ratings are trending against last week, what kinds of shows the top production companies are investing in, what kinds of content each channel is focusing on, and what kinds of genres the local audiences in Turkey are gravitating towards. For those of you interested in the science behind the ratings system, read this excellent blog post.

RATINGS CHART FOR WEEK OF September 7, 2020.

  • #SenCalKapimi is the highest ranking show for the week with 7.84 on Wednesday. On its air night, #SCK was 1.60 points higher than #MasterChefTurkey at #2

  • #KirmiziOda moved up to #2 dizi of the week with 6.31

  • #Cukur is back and is #1 for its air night on Monday, with rating of 6.04

  • #MasterChefTurkey remains a serious contender for nights it airs. Its highest ranking was on Tuesday, with 6.53

  • Many more dizis on air this week: #SefirinKizi, #Babil are back: #Hercai back next week; #dogdugunevkaderindir coming back soon. Expect some re-arrangement of air nights

Note: The ranking is based on the highest total rating number achieved for the week. Only the top 3 for the night are considered. As more shows make it into the top 3 across the week, news shows have been left off the list. The movements in the rankings is relative to the last air date for the given show.

** Format of the presentation changed to accommodate a growing list of shows


Aci Tatli Eski

(Hot Sweet Sour) 

Starring Bugra Gulsoy & Ozge Ozpirincci, now streaming on Netflix! Read a review here

Murat and Duygu have been together since childhood. As their college graduation draws near, Murat surprises Duygu with a marriage proposal. Duygu rejects the proposal so that she can pursue the dreams she wants to fulfill before getting married. They make a pact to meet again in five years, and be together if neither has met someone else. Life, however, has many surprises, twists and turns in store for them.

One Way to Tomorrow

A Netflix Original starring Dilan Cilek Deniz & Metin Akdulger

Two strangers cross paths on a train en route to Izmir, bonding over their turbulent — and unexpectedly intertwined — romantic pasts.

One way to tomorrow netflix movie
Turkish Dance


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