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The Team

 North America TEN is a team endeavor.  Besides the people listed below there are sooooo many others who help to moderate our forums, translate our materials, provide  content and create the beautiful platforms that you all enjoy today. 


Our heart felt gratitude to all!

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Virginia, USA

Founder, North America TEN

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Jehane Gad Zorayan

Montreal, Canada

Director, Member Relations

Lead, Kivanc Tatlitug North America (KTNA)

contact: jehane.ktna@gmail.com

NA TEN Twitter


KTNA Twitter

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Irma Carpino Morrison

Ontario, Canada

Director Operations, North America TEN

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Nathalie Yachouh

New Jersey, USA

Director, Events

Lead, North America TEN Pinterest

contact: Nathalie.naten@gmail.com




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Ginger Monette

North Carolina, USA

Director, Video Production

Lead, North America TEN YouTube Channels and Translations

contact: ginger.ktna@gmail.com 

NA TEN YouTube

KTNA YouTube

AANA YouTube

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Viviane O'Keefe

Ontario, Canada

Kivanc Tatlitug North America Facebook

contact: Thyme@live.ca


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California, USA

Editor, North America TEN Blog

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London, United Kingdom

Director Business Development

Lead, Akin Akinozu North America (AANA)

contact: nahid.naten@gmail.com

AANA Facebook

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Independent Franchises

 North America TEN includes a number of franchises for the actors we highlight-- platforms that are run and overseen by independent entities, but all meeting the North America TEN standards.  Here they are...

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Ibrahim Celikkol North America (ICNA)

Irma Carpino Morrison, Ontario, Canada

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Cagatay Ulusoy North America (CUNA)

Paola Cesarini, Colorado USA

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Kenan Imirzalioglu North America (KINA)

Mary Bloyd, Ohio, USA