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An Evening with Yildiray Gurgen Part 2: Behind the Curtain

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

A group of North America TEN admins headed off to Turkey last September to visit the land of the dizis. As part of our fact finding mission we met with composer, Yildiray Gurgen who is responsible for the musical scores of Siyah Beyaz Ask, Vatanim Sensin and Sadece Sen to name a few.. The first part of our interview can be found at this link.

This is part 2...

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a Turkish dizi? Well we have, and when we had a chance to ask someone in the Turkish dizi world we didn't hesitate. We'd read in Turkish entertainment press that Turkish dizis are fast moving productions. The usually 2 and 1/2 hour episodes released every week during a particular season require the cast and crew to work 12-16 hour days, 5 or 6 days a week. The filming of an episode usually completes the week before it's aired. Sometimes though, an episode may be filmed in the same week it is aired. This is a completely different process from the filming of Hollywood movies, or even TV series.

The importance of the production quality aside, most of us would agree that the signature characteristic of a Turkish dizi is the soundtrack with its unique sound heralding a certain mood, or a certain character. Hungry to learn about the creative process for soundtrack production we were delighted to have the opportunity when we met with Yildiray. So we asked the first obvious question.

What does it take to produce the soundtrack for a Turkish dizi?

We were fascinated by what we heard about the various aspects of producing a soundtrack, but we were very curious to learn what it actually takes to create a soundtrack. In other words, the composer's creative process.... In the following video, Yildiray Gurgen describes how he comes up with a soundtrack for a particular dizi. You'll be amazed!

It's one thing to be a composer, but it is a whole different thing being a soundtrack composer. We asked Yildray about his path to becoming a soundtrack composer.

There was so much more Yildiray wanted to tell us and we were eager to hear more. In the next installment of our interview, Yildray tells us stories about his various other works.

Coming soon! Stories about Sadece Sen, Vatanim Sensin and more!


Copyright by Ibrahim Celikkol North America and North America TEN

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