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About Kenan

Kenan Imirzalioğlu was born on June 17, 1974 in Oçem Village, Bala in Ankara, Turkey. His parents are Yildiz and Mustafa Imirzalioğlu. His siblings are his brother Derviş and his sister Zübedeye. In May of 2016, Kenan married his spouse, Sinem Kobal, a model and actress.

Kenan finished elementary school in his village of Oçem and moved to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, when he was 12 years old. After attending middle and high school in Ankara, he moved to Istanbul for his university education. He graduated from Yildiz Technical University with a Bachelor of Mathematics degree.

In 1997, Kenan joined the Best Model of Turkey finals and won the contest. Then he joined and won the Best Model of the World contest, the first time a Turkish model had ever won this title. After winning these model contests, famous Turkish director Osman Sinav offered Kenan a leading role in a new TV series and his career as an actor began.


One of Turkey’s most beloved, respected, and prestigious actors, Kenan has starred in an impressive list of films and TV series, won numerous awards, and continues working in this industry today with new and different projects.

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