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Kenan Imirzalioglu: GQ Turkey's Face of the Year!

Congratulations to Turkish actor Kenan Imirzalioğlu!

In December 2020, he was awarded “The Face of the Year” by GQ Turkey Men of the Year 2020. The award was announced in a virtual presentation by famous Turkish director, producer and screenwriter Osman Sinav. He met Kenan Imirzalioğlu 22 years ago after he won the “Model of the World” title and invited him to join in a project, declaring he would make him the number one star of Turkey within six months. In his remarks, Osman Sinav declared that "with his pretty smile, marvelous heart, and hard work, Kenan Imirzalioğlu has continued for 22 years to be the most beautiful face on the screen without spoiling any of his virtues".

What a moving tribute to the show host of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and legendary actor Kenan Imirzalioğlu!


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